3 Ways to Correctly Order Your Exercises

You walk into the gym, you say “sup” to the person at the front desk. Maybe chat them up a bit if you’re a people person. You go to the locker room. Drop off your stuff, and step out onto the gym floor.

There’s free weights to your left. Machines to your right. Cardio in the back. What should you do first?

Of course in a world where Coronavirus is still very much the forefront of the world's issues, you may not have a gym to go to.

In which case, remember to practice “Gym 2.0” to get the best results.

Maybe that means driving around the block and pulling back into your driveway to make it feel like you drove to the gym. Walk through the front door and have your significant other use their cell phone to scan you into the gym. Go to the “locker room” aka your bathroom to drop off your valuables, so you don’t leave your wallet on the gym floor. Ya never know what kind of shady characters lurk around your house aka “Gym 2.0”. You walk over to your workout area, look at your bands, dumbbells, and bench, and it’s time to get it on.

Here are 3 strategies you can implement, to figure out the correct order in which you should be performing your exercises.

All 3 strategies were covered in this week’s Made To Excel Fitness Podcast (Episode 9), if you’d rather listen to them, and my Barry White-esque voice.

First thing’s first, Rest In Peace Uncle Phil. Fo’real.