4 Tips For Those Returning to the Gym

As states around the Country begin to reopen businesses, one of the most anticipated locations is your local gym.

Funnily enough it doesn’t seem like that many people go to the gym (at least frequently), all of a sudden they close, and there’s a massive uproar...what do I know? I digress…

Regardless, as you're reading this, maybe your gym has opened up already, and if not your time is coming in the next few weeks (Unless you’re in California, you’re probably still a bit of ways away).

Of course as the industry ebbs and flows, so does content creation. Fitness accounts are going to start making content on how to return to the gym. Although most of them will superficially say, take it slow, take it easy, don’t rush back into it. Hell, I think even the Rock answered this question on his Instagram.

It’s great advice, but still a little bit vague and open ended for a lot of gym patrons, so here are 4 tips to get rockin’ and rollin’ on immediately as you walk through those gym doors.

Be Mindful

2020 might go down as one of the craziest years in the World’s History. American History without a doubt.

But regardless of your take on the Coronavirus situation and the following lockdown, doesn’t change the fact that businesses are beginning to reopen. That being said, just because we are starting to return to some sense of normalcy doesn’t mean that the virus is gone and over with.

So yes, you might not be worried about getting sick, maybe you live away from your loved ones so you have no fear of spreading it to others, but that doesn’t mean that others share the same sentiment.

Be mindful of others' space, be mindful of your germs, wipe down any equipment you use thoroughly , and just generally be a decent human being.