Home Workout Tips - How To Be Serious About Fitness In The Midst Of A Pandemic

It was Monday, March 16. 6 AM.

Just a few days prior, the NBA shut it's doors and postponed the rest of the season due to Rudy Gobert testing positive for the Coronavirus.

Within 24 hours, more and more things got shut down,

Concerts, sporting events, music festivals, etc. etc.

From that moment forward, the gym was a ghost town.

At peak time, where there's usually no space to move about and little equipment available at any given time, we were lucky to hit 25% capacity.

But, on this particular Monday, traffic was still down, but seems to be on the rise again.

Patrons were a little more diligent with wiping off equipment as they were done using it, and what they touched, but it seemed like attendance was starting to pick up again.

If anybody asked if the gym was going to shut down, we told them we didn't have a clue (which was true), and that we would let them know when we got word.

All in all, it was business as usual.

A few hours pass by, and by noon that day, Governor Cuomo announced that all non-essential businesses, such as movie theaters, restaurants, and gyms would close that evening at 8pm in order to promote social distancing.

So within the course of a few hours, not only did we go from business as usual to shutting down THAT day indefinitely, that decree came straight from the Governor's mouth, and there was no escaping it.