Sugar, is it killing your weight loss? Mythbustin’ #2

It’s the year 2003. Baby Bash had just released Suga, Suga to the world. I don’t know

what Baby Bash is doing nowadays, but he gave us some early 2000’s bangers.

Anyways, this article is not about Baby Bash, but rather Sugar.

I, like many people on this planet, suffer from acute Sweet Tooth Syndrome. Which is just the inability to deny any sugar offered to me. That being said, Sugar has long been demonized by the Fitness Industry, to the point that in 2014, the Fed Up Documentary came out. 

(Photo evidence of my ruthless sweet tooth)

Does sugar really deserve this bad rap, or is this just one other thing the fitness industry has overblown. 

It’s Mythbustin’ Time!

As always, this article serves as the write up to the Made To Excel Fitness Podcast. The subject of this article is episode 12 - Mythbustin’ #2: Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Weight Loss? + Q&A. If you’re interested in listening, you can find the show on Apple Podcasts,