The Perfect Workout Plan for Beginners

Hello Newb!

(I’m just kidding………)

This article is titled the Perfect Workout Plan for Beginners, but you do not necessarily have to be a beginner to apply the rules discussed in this article into your own plans. You could be a person just looking for a new routine, or your routine is getting old, or you’ve been working out plenty long, but without any rhyme or reason, and you just want to tighten up the ship a bit.

And if you are reading this article as a true beginner or you fall into one of the categories above, I am so excited for you, because you are about to open a brand new world of gains and muscle is coming your way.

Also, this article is the write up companion to Episode 15 of the Made To Excel Fitness Podcast which you can find here. If you would rather listen to the tips versus read them, it is all there in the episode, along with how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson sucks, and how former CrossFit CEO screwed up BIG time.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, carry on…


Now training (especially the weight lifting portion of it), can get very complicated, very nuanced, and very advanced if you wanted to go down that route. For people who are uber serious about their fitness and physique will more than likely eventually have to deploy more advanced strategies to have the best physique they possibly can. That’s why people like Bodybuilders and big name Actors