The World is coming to an end. Here's how to stay fit at home.

It's 11:07, Thursday Morning, March 12th. Just last night, the NCAA announced that the March Madness tournament will be played without fans, multiple colleges announced that for the rest of their semester they will be transitioning all classes to an online only format, the NBA has suspended the ENTIRE LEAGUE until further noticed, and Tom and Rita Hanks revealed that they had both been diagnosed with Corona Virus. (As of the posting of this article, multiple other Sports Leagues have ceased operation. DISNEY LAND AND WORLD HAVE CLOSED. That’s how you know things are going sideways.)


The world as we know it, is descending into chaos.

Now, I'm no Corona Virus expert. I don't know if the chaos that the world is experiencing right now is warranted, or hasty. But...what I do know is, people are starting to panic. USA to Europe travel has been cut back. Entire countries are in quarantine. Schools are cancelling. Public gatherings are cancelling. It's only a matter of time before it effects you directly (if it hasn't already).

If things don't get better quickly, we can only assume that further precautionary measures will be put into place. The extent of these safety measures, we don't quite know yet, but could extend to businesses, grocery stores, gyms, etc. etc.

Will it get to that point? Who knows. Ask Nostradamus. (This article took me centuries to write. By the time of publishing, three states including NY have closed down gyms for the time being.)

Please Nostradamus, save us all.

The fact remains that we have to be prepared for all circumstances. If businesses begin to get shutdown, and travel is restricted to absolutely necessary trips, odds are you might be stuck at home for longer than normal. Trapped in a house with nothing but time, TV, and food.

Odds of you being sedentary (non active) in this scenario? Skyrockets. Odds of you overeating as long as no food shortage occurs? Skyrockets again.